Haki & Gurpreet – Couples Portrait

Meet Haki and Gurpreet.

I got to meet this lovely couple and take these photos in celebration of their one-year wedding anniversary. When I was approached to take these photos, I was super stoked. Why? Because I absolutely love anniversaries. I may love anniversaries more than weddings, I dare say. Anniversaries are so special because entering into a marriage is a difficult task. It comes with its joys, but just as much comes with its trials and tests. Anniversaries are beautiful because it celebrates the marriage as a whole. It isn’t just about the beginning of a journey, such that as a wedding celebration symbolizes; rather, it honors all the ups and downs and celebrates the fact that two people continually choose to say “I do”, in spite of all that has come their way.

It was a privilege to take these photos in the comfort of their home. I was able to catch a small, but awesome, glimpse of the life these two have in their home. Most of these photos were simply moments that these two shared just being together. The ones that really stood out to me were when these two took a moment to say three things that they appreciate about the other since their year of marriage. It was a beautiful and intimate moment shared, accented with a few laughs and giggles (thanks to a hairy-chest comment haha). Oh, and they relived their first-dance moment together. How awesome is that.

Haki and Gurpreet, wishing you two an amazing anniversary. May these photos bless you guys as you continue down marriage and celebrate many more anniversaries together!


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