Sara & Louis – Wedding

Sara & Louis get married!

You may remember them from my previous shoot with them for their couples portrait session. Now brace yourselves for the adventure that these two took off on this beautiful summer evening atop Mount Seymour: a picturesque and intimate evening of celebrating love. Mountain view, fresh air, blue skies, forests and lakes. Now this is the kind of thing my heart leaps for as a photographer! And not just that, Sara and Louis wanted to hike into the trails afterwards to revisit the location of their first date. Yes, the brave and adventurous bride did in fact hike through the woods with her wedding dress on.

It was incredibly important for them to focus on the two of them on their wedding day, which is exactly what they did. It was honestly such a joy and privilege to be a part of this day. From the tears that flowed unexpectedly during the vows to the tight grasp of each other’s hands while trekking through the woods, it was indeed a day filled with love and excitement for the days ahead in their life together as husband and wife. Sara and Louis, I wish you two many blessings and joy upon your marriage and for many more adventures ahead together!


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