Cait & Anth – Engagement

“Lord I find You in the morning
Lord I seek You everyday
Let my life be for Your glory
Woven in Your threads of grace” (All Sons and Daughters)

“Woven in Your threads of grace” is what you will find engraved on the inside of Cait’s engagement ring. It is not only a beautiful line from an amazing song (listen here), but is also the underlying desire of Cait & Anth’s heart reflected in their relationship.

Cait is my cousin-in-law whom I am so blessed to have in my life for the past 8 years. Anth is Cait’s fiance, whom I have grown to know over the last few years. Both are such loving people who are passionate about others as well as God. When I was asked to take photos for these two, my heart and soul practically cried out “YES!”. I was so excited to be able to be a part of this new chapter in their life by documenting but also highlighting the love and joy they have between them. I seriously couldn’t wait to bless these two with this little gift of photography.

And here it is! We got to spend a BEAUTIFUL evening together basking in the gorgeous albeit a little chilly fall weather. It was so easy to photograph these two (they may say otherwise) because chemistry doesn’t happen just in front of the camera but really already exists before this session. I simply got to step in and capture it. My heart leaps with joy and smiles as I look back at these photos because their smiles and laughs make me smile and laugh.

Cait and Anth, hope you guys enjoy these photos! May they mark an important time in your life of celebration and joy as you continue to embark down God’s path for you two!


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