Queenie & Duncan – Engagement


Meet my brother-in-law and my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Duncan and Queenie! (Wow, that was a lot of hyphens used in that one sentence.)

My heart is so full as I write this blog post because I am not only super excited for these two to be married, but I am also so overjoyed in watching their love. As a photographer, I get the privilege of watching people. I get to watch their interactions, listen to their stories, notice their peculiarities, and in turn witness their life that is like no other. Equipped with all this knowledge, it is then my job to transform it all into small snippets of art that translate to their story.

Welcome to Queenie and Duncan’s story.


We started our time together at the gorgeous local coffee shop that is Rocanini Coffee Roasters. If you love serious coffee and a great ambience for conversation, then you need to check this place out for yourself. We chose a coffee shop to start our session together because it all sort-of started at one. Though it was not this one in particular, they did start their relationship together after a DTR-talk together over coffee. This is one thing I love about my brother-in-law: he is always intentional and purposeful. He seeks to walk within God’s will for his life, and this relationship with Queenie is no exception.

collage10t0a1503With all my sessions, I like to do something with the couple that reflects a bit of who they are. When Queenie and Duncan told me one of their hobbies to do together was watching netflix, I was like YES ME TOO! However, it didn’t translate so great for our engagement session (haha). Thank goodness they have another awesome hobby together: wood puzzles!


Seriously, it was so much fun for me just watching these two having fun with each other!


No joke, most of these moments was really just the two of these having fun. It makes it “easy” for me to live the joy through them and really just step back to help capture it all. My hope is that these photos will serve as a reminder of strengths in a relationship as couples look back on them.


When I think of these two, I think fun, silly, and bubbly. That may have explained why one of the first ideas that I had for their shoot was to incorporate balloons. We opted for a giant one, and I am so glad we did! It was SO much fun simply trying to control the thing, especially cause we were gifted with massive winds outdoors!


Now the question I asked these two was this: How have you changed for the better since being in a relationship together? Queenie obviously misunderstood my question at first and fed Duncan the answer of “being better dressed now” (haha). I’m so glad these two got a chance to share their answer with each other. I tried my best to tune my ears out to allow them time to dwell in that moment. Afterall, isn’t that why we’re doing these photos to begin with? 🙂


I think this set of photos here (especially the one below) is one of my favorites from this session. When I captured this smile from Queenie in Duncan’s arms, I was reminded of one verse: “I found him whom my soul loves”. I am so thankful to witness these two journey together. I remember saying at one point in this session to Queenie, “you’re safe in the arms of your future husband”. Yeah, I think she knows that. Is anyone else getting tons of feels from this session?


Congratulations again, you two! I am so thankful to God that you guys found each other. You two are such a strong witness to His love, and will continue to pray for His grace to flow over, through, and in you both! So much love, Jess.

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