Cohen – Everyday Project


This is my son, Cohen. He just turned two a few days ago, and it really hit me: this kid is growing up fast. He’s getting taller, his pants are getting tighter and shorter, his tshirts are starting to ride up on his belly. All these things are comical but also bittersweet. With each passing day, I know that he’ll reach new milestones, discover new things, make new mental connections in his brain. He’ll stop fumbling over the “LMNOP”, stop laughing hysterically to a balloon getting hit up and down, and maybe, just maybe, even stop wanting to have mommy and daddy nearby before he sleeps.

So here’s my personal project to date. It’s my Cohen series of everyday moments. When I reminisce  in years to come, I don’t want to see just the big moments of our lives. I want the little moments. The small, elaborate details of our simple everyday. It’s the total summation of all these little moments that make up our family. It’s these moments I want to remember.

Be prepared for a lot of mess. It might not all be pretty, but when is life ever like that anyways?






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